A Guide to the Big City


I have to say that New York City is and always will be the best city in the world. With that comes smelly, hot summers and crowded streets but has an abundance of cultural diversity, the coolest jobs, excessive art and the best food. The good and bad make this city perfectly imperfect. A love-hate relationship for some, including me at times. 

New York City is full of things to do and see, which can leave us with the question of “what to do?” If you’re planning a trip to the city or simply a local in need of some recommendations, no need to feel overwhelmed anymore. Simply take a deep breathe, relax, and read up on some of my suggested places and things to do in the city.

Places to Eat. A big city screams food. I will say, I enjoy eating at home most of the time but going out to eat is also fun. If you’re craving Italian, go to UVA (Upper East Side), it’s literally the best. For a nice brunch, I recommend going to Carroll Place (West Village) or Balthazar (SoHo).  For the best arepas in the city, go to Arepa Factory (East Village), it’s a little pricey but the food is incredible and simply authentic. I also love City Vineyard, great food and drinks, has a great view of the Hudson River and a perfect place for a summer hangout. Lastly, you cant miss Westlight (Williamsburg); given that it’s in Brooklyn, it has spectacular views of the city and the venue is beautiful.

Drinks & Night Life. As if the gastronomic list wasn’t enough. Come on. It’s New York. Not only the food capital of the world but also the “city that never sleeps,” right? Though I like to spend my time doing things that add value to  my life which usually doesn’t involve going out all the time, every now and then, I do like to have a night. When it comes to going out, I recommend going to Mr. Purple, Fat Cat, Gold Bar, Pianos, and Hotel Chantelle just to name a few. For a chill night, Little Branch, Mothers Ruin, and Dear Irving are good options.

Brooklyn Bridge & DUMBO. You can’t go to New York and not see the Brooklyn Bridge. While there, take advantage of the fact that you’ll be close to DUMBO, once-industrial neighborhood turned popular, artsy hot spot. 

Central Park. If it’s not a rainy day, take time and go to Central Park. It’s truly magical and beautiful. And just an FYI, the crowds tend to decrease in size as you go more north of the park. It’s also a great place to get your exercise in and go for a run.   

SoHo. Great bars, restaurants, and retail. Basically sums up SoHo in a nutshell. Looking to shop, then go to the SoHo area. It’s full of high end boutiques and your typical American retail stores as well. Not to mention, the architecture is stunning.  

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Yes, gossip girl, yes. Not really. But really. The MET is the largest art museum in the United States and one of the largest in the world, presenting over 5,000 years of art spanning all cultures and time periods. It’s located on the eastern edge of Central Park in the Upper East Side. The area is a beauty and if you’re a New York resident, the amount you pay is up to you. A definite plus.

The High Line. Located in Chelsea and relatively new, the High line is an elevated freight rail line that was transformed into a public park. It has spectacular views, architecture and art. Only thing to keep in mind is that on warm, sunny days, specifically on Saturdays, it gets insanely crowded. Just like the Chelsea Market. 

Coney Island. You’ve probably heard a lot of disappointing comments relating to Coney Island. It’s dirty? Gross? I have to disagree here. It’s such a fun beach to visit in the summer time. Maybe not a place I would go to every weekend but definitely a sight one should see.

New York Public Library. Consisted of four major research libraries and 88 branch libraries located in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island. However, if you plan to visit, go to the main campus, located in Midtown.

Riverside Park. Yes, Central Park wasn’t enough. Located in the Upper West Side, Riverside Park is one of my favorites. Less crowded for sure.

New York is a city that has it all. The list continues but these are just some of my favorites. Let my list be your guide as you’re exploring this remarkable place.