How I Edit My Photos

Hi Guys, so I want to start off by saying this is MY way of editing pictures. Like I have said before, I do not consider myself a photographer but rather a girl with a camera who likes to shoot and take cute pics occasionally, simply for fun. I take pictures with my iPhone 6s, which I am currently dying to switch over to the 7 but I might as well wait for the 8 AND my camera – a Canon M3. By the way, I highly recommend the Canon M3 for those of you who want a DSLR camera but dislike how heavy they all are. Essentially, the Canon M3 offers high DSLR quality photos but because it is mirrorless, it is a lot smaller and lighter than the average camera. Mirrorless cameras don’t have the complex mirror systems that DSLR cameras do, which makes them more compact and mechanically simpler. You can also change the lenses. Now, if you are trying to get into photography as a hobby or career, I do not recommend you get a mirrorless. Ok, I’m getting off topic here.

Lighting is one of the most important factors when creating an image. Your pictures will still come out blurred and grainy without proper lighting, regardless of your edits. Additionally, natural lighting is one the best sources you can use when taking pictures. I like to use an application called VSCOcam to edit my pictures, which is free to download. It is also a great tool to use to see how your images will look on your feed before publishing them. Lastly, Instagram filters are a no go.

Anyways, here is how I edit my pictures. Hope you enjoy it! 




A6 filter +6.2 | Exposure -1.0 | Contrast -0.5 | Temperature 1.0 | Grain +3.5

A6 filter +7.0 | Exposure -0.4 | Contrast -1.0 | Temperature -0.4 | Grain +3.5

Selfie Fun 

A8 filter +6.5 | Exposure -0.5 | Contrast 0.0 | Temperature +0.8 | Grain +3.3

Landscape ~ Nature Shots

HB2 filter +8.4 | Exposure -2.7 | Contrast -1.9 | Temperature -1.0 | Grain +9.3

C1 filter +6.7 | Exposure -3.7 | Contrast +1.4 | Temperature -0.9 | Grain +8.5

Selfie Fun Part 2

A6 filter +6 | Exposure -0.3 | Contrast +0.4 | Grain +6.9