Brunch with Open City

Pizza, fresh salads, all day breakfast, burgers, and more. Open City is a diner, coffeehouse, and bar situated in DC, just a few blocks away from Woodley Park. The perfect combination for those who enjoy a relaxing yet enjoyable location. 

Open City has a diverse menu at reasonable great prices. Being able to order breakfast until 1 AM on Fridays and Saturdays makes it a local spot for foodies craving late night breakfast, especially the young ones, after a long night out. Their diverse menu offers selections from sandwiches, pizza, salads, and like mentioned before; they serve breakfast all day. During my visit, I didn’t order from the breakfast menu, but it seemed most of their breakfast entrees included eggs, pancakes, and French toast dishes – the typical American breakfast.

Since I enjoy ordering from the healthier side when I go out to eat, I went ahead and ordered the Sesame - Quinoa Ginger Salad for the fair price of $13.00. It includes Golden quinoa mixed with red and yellow peppers and carrots. Topped with watermelon radish, avocado, toasted sesame seeds and sesame ginger dressing. My boyfriend, however, went all out and ordered the OC Burger, known as the “Open City” Burger, named after them. It is a half-pound of New York strip ground steak with white cheddar, and Applewood smoked bacon and a side of chipotle mayo. I would have to say, both of our dishes were amazing. My salad was excellent. I was happy it didn’t taste like a typical and boring iceberg salad. My boyfriend was pleased with his selection as well, he ordered it with a side of crispy, sweet potato fries, which made it even better.

However, excellent service? Not so much.

The food is unquestionably tasty, but the service is mediocre. Such a shame because the restaurant itself looks appealing and nice, but they do need to work with their customer service. I believe if they work on that, they’ll be booming. We can all agree; there is always room for improvement.

Open city is certainly flourishing off its famous location, but how long can they keep this up? It surely is, always full. Could it be the location or the food itself? Who knows. Even though I loved my salad, would I go out of my way to eat at Open City? Probably not. However, I would have to agree, if you happen to be in the area, go ahead and give it a try.