That Inner Voice


Hello there. I want to begin this post by stressing the importance of listening to your gut and filtering out negative energy. While we may not always know the best suited answer when faced with decisions, somewhere deep down, is a voice that literally talks to us and tells us what’s best.

I recently came across an unanticipated scenario, which involved whether or not accepting an amazing job offer, that came over my way by surprise. However, given that I was comfortable at my job, I found myself suffering from uncertainties and wasn’t able to come to a conclusion regarding my decision. Due to these insecurities, I was quick to gather advice from friends, peers, and family - And this is where I learned a key lesson, which I will talk about soon.

To me, living a happy life and living the life you want to live means relying on yourself and the people you truly trust. Before I finally made my decision, which was accepting, I remember some of the various comments made: “you’re making the worst decision”, “you’re going to regret it”, “I don’t’ think this is a smart career move”, etc. It was hard hearing those comments, it really was. However, this is when I realized that negative energy will always be there and if we don’t learn how to clear it, it can significantly impact our emotional state.

When faced with decisions, specifically life changing - be realistic, listen to your inner voice, and only ask those who truly believe in you. For me it was my family, boyfriend, and two to three friends. Unsolicited advice? Forget about it. You are responsible for your life and only have one chance to make it extraordinary. Negativity will always be there but that’s just life.

Seriously, keep your focus, and don’t let anyone or anything get in the way.

How to Approach Decisions & Trust the Process


Hi there. It’s your girl with another random post. Like I’ve said in the past, my mind is constantly wandering from left to right, and sometimes in a good way. I often find my mind experiencing a tornado whenever I have to make decisions, specifically decisions that can influence the direction of my life. Decisions can vary from a new job, to a new city, to a permanent hair change, or to even a new apartment.

I like to think of myself as a futuristic individual. I’m constantly inspired by the future and what it could be, which is why I like to take my time and give thought to things when needed. This extremely important and relevant to decision-making.

Choices are everywhere. The decisions we make can literally shape our lives. Despite our parents making the most of our choices for a better future, we are in full control of the decisions that we make. Not only are we in full control, we are also the only ones who will face the consequences, good or bad, from the decisions that we make. It’s scary but that’s what life is about. It’s about making choices because life is a journey and without decisions, the journey cannot endure.  

As we get older, we face more decisions. Do we make better or poorer decisions as we age? That’s something I don’t know the answer to. However, I do know that there are stages in life and decisions are crucial to each transition in life. By transition I mean, jumping from one stage of life to the other. For me and for most, graduating college and entering the workforce was a huge transition. My life took a 360-degree spin and I kid you not. Suddenly, everything was different. I was interning in a new city and with no friends (at the time). My family was far and so was my boyfriend. It was hard, it still is, but I’ve only grown immensely. Moving to New York was a decision that I had to make and the fun continues because I still find myself with more decisions.

It’s easy to look back on your past and see how big decisions have changed your life. What’s harder is to decide what to do next. I regularly find myself stressing over decisions because I want to be sure I make the “right” ones. However, I want to stress that it’s impossible to know what the right decision is. That’s life. Tomorrow is not certain and we have no idea what the future will consist of. I cannot tell you how many times I planned for something in the future and things turned out completed different than I expected. So why stress if you never truly know what’s going to happen?

Trust the process. If you believe you are doing everything in your power to make the most out of your life, then trust the process. When faced with a decision, trust your gut and don’t look back. Let destiny decide the rest and filter out all negativity.