How to Ace Your Job Interview

Interviews can be one of the most overwhelming parts of any job search process. How can you sell yourself in a way that doesn’t come off as cocky? Finding that happy medium can be difficult. Evaluating whether the company is a good fit for you can also be a challenging aspect. Nonetheless, these processes can teach us a lot about ourselves that we didn’t know before. Stressed and need some advice on how to land the job YOU want and stand out from the rest? Then keep reading!


1.     Do research on the company beforehand.

Research, Research, Research. To make that first impression make sure you have a general knowledge about the company. Go through their website, find out who their clients are, and understand what is happening in the industry. This says a lot about you and it shows interest. Nobody wants to hire a candidate that doesn’t seem intrigued by the industry and company.

2.     Know how to answer the “Tell Me About Yourself” question.

This can be referred to as the elevator pitch. Have a brief description about yourself prepared that highlights your experience and ends with a goal statement that falls into the position you’re applying for. It’s important to aim for uniqueness while also staying professional.

3.     Have a list of questions prepared.

I like to think of interviews as “conversations.” The best Interviews usually have a natural flow. Even though asking questions at the end is essential, it’s also important to ask questions as the interview progresses. This shows you’re engaging and paying attention.  

4.     Dress to impress.

Dress professionally. Show up clean and sharp.

5.     Stay positive & relax.

Its normal to be nervous. However, being overly stressed transmits to your interview. So, take a deep breath and relax. Be yourself. If you really want the job, it’ll show. You got this.

6.     Know your strengths & weaknesses.

These questions can be broad. Assure your strengths are relatable to the position. If you mention your weaknesses, share how you’re currently working to improve them.

7.     Know your interviewer.

LinkedIn is a great resource.  A portion of your pre-interview work should include researching everyone in the room. Know where they attended school and have a general understanding of their background.

8.     Be yourself.

Never be someone that you’re not. 

YAY, you’re now ready to ace your job interview and get that job! ❤️